Medtronic Will Match Donations Up To $50,000

These pictures show the Medtronic “Prestige Disc” that is housed in Doug’s neck.

Last Friday, it came true. We are pleased to announce that Medtronic, the medical device company headquartered in Minneapolis, has partnered with A Long Swim as a corporate sponsor. They will match any donation up to $50,000.

A long time ago, now, when Doug first thought of swimming the English Channel we both wondered if he could do it for a charity and make the project work for more than his bucket list. I love to create photography exhibits for nonprofits as an artful way to market a nonprofit to new eyes, but what he’s created here is much more than any project I ever dreamed up.

A big hats off to Bob Lee for being the architect of this model. At the age of 65 Bob created a “Ride For Three Reasons” and he rode his bike 6,500 for three charities, ALS was one of them. Sure, he checked a box off his bucket list. But he also raised $400,000 to spread between three charities. I got to know him really well because I volunteered to photograph his project. His website is

I know my entries are usually a little sassy but this is serious stuff. This is “the waves beneath his wings” kind of stuff. I am in awe.