In Over My Head

He’ll have his team on the boat and they’ll all have different jobs. Someone will manage the GPS information that is emitted from the device he will wear, someone will manage twitter, someone will manage the nutrition and someone will count his strokes and make sure his timing is even. Someone will monitor water temperature and someone will monitor what’s in the water itself … debris, jellyfish, whales. And then there is someone who manages all of the above. He’s trying to figure out who that person is and he’s kind of looking at me while he’s telling me this, hoping I’ll volunteer to be the Czar of this whole scene.

And self doubt is creeping in. I know that I’m the logical choice. I’m the Czar of a lot of things. But I’m also a safety girl and a huge believer in job sharing so I’m thinking that this Czar needs to be two people. A total of 8 are allowed on the guide boat … in addition to the guide boat’s crew … so, while he hasn’t even named me yet as Czar #1, there is definately room for Czar #2.