Surgery is Scheduled for Monday Morning, February 1st

Surgery is Scheduled for Monday Morning, February 1st !!!

And as our most recent snow storm arrived so did his new license plates. These plates will drive us down to Chicago early on February 1st.

We’ll leave the house around 4:30AM and the kids will get themselves off to school. They’re looking forward to the challenge. Bill, who is almost 18, will be in charge of Gordy and Ashley. Gordy is no trouble and, fortunately, Ashley is the only wild card in the family. She, by the way, has been making quite an effort to get to her own swimming practice. Usually a slacker, her new focus is in honor of her dad.

I’ll be home that night by bed time and will head back downtown after getting them all off to school again the next morning. The stay is going to be for one or two nights.

So, we have a “Douglas who is not on pain medication” in our future. As my brother, Robert, said, “painkillers are only great when you’re 100% healthy.”

From Chicago I’ll attempt to make entries to this blog via my iphone. I’ll take pictures with it but I already had to promise to keep it all tasteful. Last night I had to sign a Power of Attorney for Healthcare, which smacked of reality. Then he made me raise my right hand and promise to behave with my camera.